Please find a selection of our most FAQs and contact us if you have any additional questions.

Q: Do I need to use specific products on the extensions?

A: Yes it is highly recommended that you use the After Care Kit provided. This kit contains salon quality hair extension shampoo, conditioner, hair oil and the right kind of brush to use for your hair extensions. Using these products will protect your extensions and ensure they stay looking and feeling healthy for longer.

Q: What is my recommended maintenance advice?

A: There is an option to book a 4-week maintenance appointment for new clients and whilst this is optional, it is strongly recommended. In this visit we can fit any strands that have come loose and reposition any that may have slid. It is also a good opportunity to discuss any concerns for your on-going hair extension care.

Q: How long do hair extensions last?

A: If cared for and maintained correctly they will be good for 10-12 weeks before they need to be repositioned.

Q: How long does my hair have to be?

A: To get the most natural look your natural hair should be at least 4-5 inches in length. Ideally you should be able to tie your hair into a ponytail.

Q: Can you brush the extensions?

A: Yes of course. However, it is essential you use a brush that is designed for hair extensions as this will ensure no snagging occurs.

Q: Will you be able to match my colour?

A: Yes, colour matching is easy, we match your hair against our hair chart, making it very easy to achieve a perfect colour match.

Q: Will extensions damage my hair?

A: No. When removed, the rings are unclamped and then slid from your natural hair. We recommend that you follow the above advice and maintenance programme to ensure the best results.

Q: I thought it was the easy option of doing nothing to my hair by opting to have hair extensions – it seems like there is a lot involved!

A: Often people think this but as with everything, if you put the effort in, you’ll get the best results. A good analogy is to imagine a small child being on your head! Everything needs to be looked after correctly and scheduled in to your daily routine. Hair extensions are a lot of work to maintain but the benefits of having beautifully long, gorgeously glossy hair are priceless.

Q: Do I keep any strands that have slid out?

A: Yes as each strand costs you money so keep this safe and it can be used again at your repositioning visit.